Enjoy Euro Deli & Market

Enjoy Euro Deli & Market

Having just returned from the culinary wonder that is Europe, I was longing for a place to enjoy my lunch at a leisurely “France like” pace enjoying a Turkish coffee. I found my slice of European delight right here in Arroyo Grande. Now they are having a hard time getting me to leave. Enjoy Euro Deli & Market is a multi-ethnic endeavor, a Mom and Pop shop like the ones that litter every corner in France and England. Offering of a plethora of amazing foodstuffs from the homelands and fresh made dishes and soups.

My first trip I met the engaging owner Lana who served remarkable Turkish coffee. Served in a china cup with a saucer, and I knew that this was my nirvana. She knew most of the people coming in the door, and offered suggestions to those with new smiling faces. She is a delightful Ukrainian lady, taking care to help all of us through the unusual, but comforting food. She had a plethora of open items for us to sample.

Her Russian Chef, Tolya brought me the first items we ordered a Smoked Salmon sandwich that had both smoked and salted salmon on buttered white bread with capers, havarti cheese, lettuce and onions. It was delectable; it reminded me of sandwiches my Nana made with the touch of love.  I had it with the Borscht soup. I hadn’t had since I was in my Great grandma’s kitchen.  Hearty and chock full of cabbage, potato, onions, carrots, beets, and garlic, a memory in my taste buds. Gary started with six offerings from the dessert case. None too sweet, all very authentic.  He tried Baklava, Cheesecake covered with sour cherry preserves, Tiramisu, Bureka, Tajik and a Bird’s Milk cake.  He was astonished at the freshness and different flavors that made our earlier donut run feel like a culinary crime.  Then he had the Estonia Salami sandwich, served on dense rye bread with Lithuanian cheese, a subtle vegetable spread, and mustard and fresh greens, he loved every bite.

My next visit I took a chef. She was blown away at the authenticity of this Euro Deli.  We started with the Bureka that are bite sized filo dough stuffed with feta cheese.  I grabbed a Russian soda from the fridge and adored the salty goodness. I ordered the Schnitzel and Pilaf. Served on fine china this deep fried pork steak was pounded and breaded with rye bread crumbs and covered in delectable gravy. Served with wild rice pilaf and a fresh salad, this was a flawless comfort food (and there was enough to have some for dinner too).  My friend had the Mortadella sandwich and a bowl of Portuguese soup called Cale Verde. The Mortadella pork hash with pistachios cut thick and served on rye bread, it was intense and enjoyable.  The soup was a vegetarian with kale, potato, turnips, carrots, tomatoes and kidney beans, again a symphony of flavors.

The daily specials abound including homemade Borscht on Saturdays and a diversity of soups and foods including Stuffed Cabbages, Sausages, Spaetzie, Schnitzel, and sides of fresh salads, mashed potatoes and more. You can gather any of the amazing variety of sausages from the display and have a custom made sandwich or wrap. They have many to choose from including Bratwurst, German, Hungarian, Polish, and Slovak sausages, Russian salami, Blood sausage, Liverwurst, and more East European meats.

Other items in the “grocery” section include Kielbasa, Summer sausage, smoked fish, Ukrainian cheese, Russian yogurts and all kinds of candies. They offer all kinds of exotic flavors, teas, and syrups (my chef friend found a pomegranate syrup she had been hunting for years).

But the breads are my favorite grocery find. These are dense German and Russian breads, filled with pumpkin seeds and real wheat among other things. I’m here to tell you once you sample these breads you will never call Wonder anything except cardboard.

Lana and her husband with their Russian chef clearly take real pride in providing a rare treat along with foods that our in most of our histories and should be part of our table today. Enjoy Euro Deli & Market, a true Mom and Pop endeavor where a scrumptious array of foods from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany and Greece all offered at sensible prices.  They are located at 1436 E Grand Avenue in Arroyo Grande; call them at  (805) 481-1998. Open 9:00am to 7:00pm every day.

Young Love

 I witness a young couple passionatly kissing then arguing in front of a Renoir. As they talk almost nose to nose, he touches her. Starting with the tip of her nipples up to her throat, flipping a piece of hair that has escaped her messy bun.  Finally resting both hands on her neck and moving them up to her jaw line. She has been arguing- focused on being right and not realizing that this wondrous and intimate touching is temporary. She believes he will love her this intensely forever. That the arguing he finds passionate now will always be intoxicating for him. She doesn't know that with time and life- this will be the behavior he will turn and run from. 
 I'm struck by jealousy. I would do anything to be touched and wanted this way. For a man to see me as a work of art to be discovered. To experience that lovers touch. 
They move on to a Monet. Her hand placed in his back pocket. Snaking up under his shirt to get a touch of skin. She turns to her right kissing him on the cheek. He turns her center and opens her mouth with his hard kiss - his tongue reaching the back of her throat. She shivers. They part gazing eyes and sharing a secret smile.  They hold hands and move to the next painting. 
I want to tell her to drink this in. Lock every moment in her memory. That although his devotion may always be there- this unbridled desire will not. 
But then the paintings mock me. Their beauty and desire is eternal. Although the masters have passed- their passionate lives on. 

Paris - writing

Paris. As I sit in cafes for hours at a time. I've noted the restless metaphysical curiosity, the tenderness of good living and the passionate individualism of this city. There is an invisible constant in this place where an ordinary tourist can get in touch by sitting quietly over a glass of wine in a Paris bistro. But for a writer, the muse of the city forces prose from my fingers in cafes, museums, metros and buses. There is no stillness here. Even in sleep my mind is creating. New stories and revelations appear a force waiting to take form. It's at once romantic, tragic and dramatic. A detour from my normal voice. I am but a conduit to the force.  
In the writers happiest and most pure state of creation the words come through you, not from you.
My life has been altered. I've taken steps to morph, change and try new sensations. The object of my desire is now me. I'm in love with the idea of a creature open to new sensations, shedding the shrouds of my past. 
As with any metamorphosis- I recognize there may be pain, that some will not participate in my cocoon dispersion and will be resentful of my change of costume. 
Paris is changing me. Like at snake shedding her skins- I'm feeling reborn. It's either a new skin or one that has gone unused for most my life. Everyone that loves me knew this would happen. They were excited for me.  That some how a city would change me. They were right. 

Je taime Paris. 

French Impressionists

Quick first impression Parisian story. I got to my train 22 minutes before departure, not reading I had to be there 30 minutes before. They would not let me on- said I was late.  I went to switch the ticket to 12:22 train. They sent me to a line. A stern ponytailed lady proceeded over the late goers. 
There were two people in front of me. 
1. Said she slept in and the alarm clock did not go off. Ponytail said no. Being late was not a good enough excuse. No train. 
2. Lady said she was late because she was stuck in traffic. A stern no. No train. 

My turn- I told her my lover would not let me go. He wanted one more ravaging. She smiled and happily changed my ticket.
@Aaron Metchik- that improve training is working on many levels. 
#ILoveParis #ThinkingLikeTheNatives


A city with a heartbeat so vibratant and strong- you can feel it as you approach from the air. London is very like a woman, full of dark secrets and whispers, and a joy for life and exploration.  
My trip here was as spontaneous and surprising as are the contrast between ancient churches and new structures that comprise the London skyline. 
How it started: The patron saint of creative genius David Bowie died on a Sunday.  Witnessing him in my teens saved me. Before finding him, I thought I was in a tribe by myself. I alone- the soul weirdo who thought and acted differently. My Goblin king arrived and saved my creative soul. I quit trying to be like everyone else and just became me. 
When he died it affected me like a lover had passed on. I saw my own light at the end of the tunnel and decided to take the trip I'd always dreamed of- London and Paris. The birth places of my mentor and more artists than I could count. Shakespeare, Byron, JKRowlings, and Blake. Not to mention they still have a queen! 

I bought a ticket on Norweigen air (ridiculously cheap)
 contacted AirBnB and made a deal to write about my travels with a safety slant of woman traveling alone thru Europe. They loved the idea. 

Then I told my family. 
No one was surprised- neither were they pleased. But I love traveling alone, this 
was my bucket list dream trip and so they begrudgingly put me on a shuttle born for London. 

The 11 hour flight was a full tube of humans bouncing across the sky - so turbulent the fastened seat belt sign was on for 6 hours. I was seated between a classical guitarist living in Spain and an English freelance writer. We shared wine and stories.  When we made our descent into Glatwick airport the landing gear came down and at the last minute the pilot pulled up hard, banking to the left and bouncing us again for a reproach. All 640 - now motion sick travelers clung to our seats in an upright condition. We did this twice. The flight attendants were taking bets on who was going to hurl next based of the palor tones of our sweat soaked faces. When we finally set down, everyone applauded. 
It was complicated and adventure filled trip. Just like London herself. 

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Consumed is an erotic culinary adventure. 
By Teri Bayus 
When Nadailia opens up her new farm-to-table bistro and hires Chef Dylan, she had no idea that she would be seduced not only by his food, but also ultimately lose herself in his hunger. 
Consumed is a tale of delectable meals shared, exciting romance, and erotic play. Follow their passion through luxury feasts and the stimulating world of fine dinning and wine. 
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ChipWreck in Pismo Beach

When figuring out a new type of restaurant, most people look to what is the most profitable. Rarely do they strive for the most flavorful, creative and comfort food based menu. Lucky we have a rare treat in downtown Pismo Beach called Chipwrecked. With a new style and concept, this restaurant will be with us a very long time. This bistro is family run with Sarah and daughter Larkin greeting, fixing and serving the most outstanding and creative meals. In between customers, they are constantly inventing new flavor models and amazing sandwiches. The chip concept is achieved by taking large hardy Kenabec potatoes, slicing them paper thin and deep-frying them in a high flash point (thus less greasy) canola oil. These chips are then layered with palate busting flavors and served with house made dips that are dazzling. Intrigued? I was, so read on. We started with the La Belle chips with truffle essence and lace-thin shaved Parmesan served in paper tugboats. Accompanying the chips were dips served in industrial compostable containers with amazing flavors like Sweet French onion. This sweet sautéed onion based (this is not your French’s mix here) dip was exceptional.

The Cheddar Beer dip was an outstanding grouping of a stout beer, creamy cheddar with a sour cream base, I would love this spread on crackers or bread in addition to the chips. You can buy the dips in larger sizes, which I did as they are perfect for entertaining. The Mary Rose consisted of fried potato chips topped with lavender salt, goat cheese and honey. This amalgamation of essences intrigued me, as they were so unusual. The saltiness of the goat cheese with the complimentary sweetness of the honey made a delicious recipe. Add that to an absolutely crispy and crunchy potato chip, and you have a savory nirvana.

All the chips are named for famous ships, while the sandwiches are after famous naval spots. Each tugboat is perfectly fried, crispy, thin slices of potato topped with the most interesting toppings. Gary ordered the The Doña Paz. This consisted of a fresh plantain sliced into vertical chips, fried and sprinkled with vanilla salt, dark chocolate drizzle and caramel sauce. He loved the tropic flavors melted with the sweet of the caramel and chocolate. He declared it the perfect desert chip. I moved on to a Port Astoria sandwich, a tuna salad blend served on delicious poppy seed bread that is lightly toasted. Inside the tuna was blended with chopped Granny Smith apples, cucumbers, pine nuts, celery and a bit of mayonnaise. What a curious and wonderful essence blend.

 The sandwiches came with a side of potato chips, so we sampled the stock USS Constitution with a salty, crispy exterior and the The Conquistador, a amalgamation of flavors including chili salt, fresh cilantro and topped with jalapenos, cotija cheese with a hint of lime. With the spicy chipotle dip this dish was fiery and flavorful. Gary had Ma-ruebened, Chipwrecked's version of the Rueben sandwich. Served on a dark rye bread with house made corned beef, sauerkraut and a smidge of the delicious beer and cheddar spread, then topped with Swiss chees and all grilled up to perfection. He was a big fan of this unique version of a classic sandwich.

 Chipwrecked is a wonderful place to have lunch once a week, as it is family run; their daughter was doing homework over in the corner while we ate. We enjoyed hearing about their new creations (Sarah has an amazing palette and is constantly creating new addictive recipes) that are featured as specials. She also makes a new soup each week and they are outstanding. I loved their vegan and gluten free options, also. This is a place in Pismo beach that does not serve fast food, just good food. I would encourage you to try it and not become a regular. Chipwrecked is located at 246 Pomeroy in Pismo Beach and is open from 11:30am- till the crowds go home. You can reach them at (805) 556-5272 or on the web at www.chipwreckedinpismo.com.